Seated Harlequin

After experimenting with a variety of styles in the year following his arrival in Paris as a twenty-year old artist, Picasso developed a style of his own in autumn 1901. In this picture Picasso has given his Harlequin a white face and ruffs: the attributes of Pierrot. Pierrot was the melancholy, cuckolded clown who inevitably lost his love, Columbine, to the nimble and lusty Harlequin. Many writers have suggested that the pensive mood of this picture and the series to which it belongs were the result of Picasso’s brooding on the suicide of his friend Carles Casagemas, who, like Pierrot, was unrequited in love.

Copy painted by: Derek Kosbab Original artist: Pablo Picasso
Copy: Acrylic on canvas Title: Seated Harlequin
Size of copy: 45.5cm x 35cm Size of Original: 83cm x 61cm
Date of copy: July 2013 Date: 1901
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$350.00 via PayPal

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