Jacqueline with flowers

Jacqueline Roque (February 24, 1927 – October 15, 1986) was the second wife of Pablo Picasso and his frequent model. Picasso spent the last 20 years of his life with Roque, during which time he created more than 400 portraits of her. They began their relationship after Pablo Picasso separated from Françoise Gilot. They married in Vallauris on 2 March 1961. Roque’s image began to appear in Picasso’s paintings in May 1954. These portraits are characterized by an exaggerated neck and feline face, distortions of Roque’s features. Eventually her dark eyes and eyebrows, high cheekbones, and classical profile would become familiar symbols in his late paintings. Jacqueline Roque killed herself with a gun 13 years after the death of Picasso in Mougins.

Copy painted by: Derek Kosbab Original artist: Pablo Picasso
Title: Jacqueline with crossed hands Title: Jacqueline with crossed hands
Copy: Acrylic on canvas Original: Oil on canvas
Size of copy: 45.5cm x 35cm Size of Original: 88cm x 116cm
Date of copy: July 2013 Date: 1954
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$450.00 via PayPal

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